Thursday, March 20, 2008

Double crap.

This is not a knitting blog today.

I'm freaking annoyed. I wanted to get Hubby Yankees' tickets because of the whole stadium closing-need to sit in seats one last time-kind of thing. Hubby is a die-hard-from-birth Yankee fan. Me--not so much, but then again, I'm a NY Rangers' fan, so I respect dedication. I got this brilliant idea--I'll get in touch w/ Hubby's BFF and best man, Sean, and get them a block of tickets! Hooray! Hubby will be happy, see Yankees, hang out with best bud, and I don't have to sleep through baseball! Everyone wins! Hooray, hooray.

Except, I e-mailed Sean on Myspace w/ brilliant idea, last night, but I can't check Myspace from a DOE computer while I'm at work, and by the time I checked his e-mail today--you know what's coming right?--no more tickets. Ugh. I'm so pissed.

I'm just venting; don't pay any attention to me.


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