Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sock Dilemma

I'm sort of freaking out about my socks for several reasons--first and formost is I really, really don't want to screw these up and I'm terrified that I'm going to. I know, I know--no one has ever been killed over knitting (that we know of at least), but still. In the grand scheme of my stuff, this is pretty big. I need to figure these socks out!!! Not to mention that I only brought the socks along with me today and if I don't figure out what to do about them, I'm going to have to bust a mission to Knitty City before I head home to buy some new yarn (and needles, since I don't have any except the dpn's I'm working on) so I have something to knit on my way home--and since it's an hour commute, I need a knit fix. Help!!

Here's the deal--I'm using a pattern I got from Spunmag.com and honestly, all was going well until I started scratching my head about turning the heel. I've already done this part:

This portion is worked flat in plain stocking stitch.

Knit first 27 stitches. Put remaining 33 stitches onto a holder.

>> Starting with a purl row, work 21 rows of stocking stitch,
slipping the first stitch of every row. The right side is facing for
next row

This is where I get confused:
>>RS: Knit 18 stitches, SKP, turn

If I have 27 stitches on the needle, and the pattern calles for me
to knit 18, SKP, and turn, what happens to the rest of the stitches
on the needle? Do you think I'm supposed to keep going w/ knitting
after the SKP?

This is the next step:
>>WS: Slip 1, purl 9 stitches, p2tog, turn
Same thing here--do I continue on purling after the p2tog? and then
turn? If I'm supposed to end up with 11 stitches on the needle from
decreasing, I think this is what is supposed to happen, but I'm not

Here's the rest of this part of the pattern:
>>RS: Slip 1, knit 9 stitches, SKP, turn
>>Repeat last two rows until all stitches have been worked. Ensure
right side is facing for next row. 11 stitches remain on the needle

If anyone wants to see the full pattern, it's available here:

In lighter, non-obsessing knitting related stuff, how cute does Sawyer and Helena look all smushed into one basket??


Tattooedjedi said...

there's a supercute cat sandwich going on inside that basket! you'll figure out the sock pattern wifey - you always do!

Lisa said...

The part you are at is the heel flap where you are going to so short rows to get a curve effect so that it sits nicely on the bottom of your foot.

Basically, you are leaving the unknit stitches, and only knitting the stitches on the inside of the unknit stitches.

Knit 18 stitches, do the dec and turn your work like you would normally and then Slip 1, purl 9 stitches, p2tog, turn.

Rinse and repeat until all stitches have been knit.

follow the instructions EXACTLY and you will be surprised it works.

Christine said...

Wow--thanks Lisa! I'll work on this on my way home today and let you know how it turns out. Thanks so much! :-)

spinnity said...

Yah, Lisa is right - turn means turn, right where you are after the P2tog. Just leave those unworked stitches alone - you will get to work them in later as the rows of the heel cup get longer & longer. Have faith, follow the directions & you will get through! I love first heel turns, they re-kindle the magic!

Christine said...

Thanks! I finally figured it out tonight--between you and Lisa, and everyone on the Sn'B NYC list, the lightbulb finally went on. I swear, I felt like the smartest person in the world. I'll post pics tomorrow!

Thanks again!