Monday, December 11, 2006


Hubby and I went to the Bust Craftacular in Williamsburg this past Saturday--and holy mother! It was packed. I mean wall-to-wall people. It was amazing! It was just so damned cool to see that many crafty-minded people out there making all of these really cool things and actually making a go of their cottage businesses. It made me realize how possible it would be to get She's Krafty out there and turn it into so much more than a blog--at worst an e-store, at best an e-store + real-life store! Brad and I are totally committed to making sure we get a table at next year's Craftacular, because holy crap would that be awesome. Especially since I saw so many things there that I've actually made in the past--from yoga mat bags, to tote bags, purses, soap, scrubs, scarves, pins, hats--all kinds of stuff. I also came up with a really good line for a t-shirt (which I'm not posting until I get the mock-up done). I'm so glad we went. It was just incredible to feel all that creative energy in the room--it really inspired me.

My favorite finds at this year's Craftacular? Awesome buttons courtesy of My My . I bought a bunch of them--I'm sending a couple out to girlfriends in the X-mas cards--the ones I got for myself I'm turning into magnets for the fridge. I'm also seriously obsessed with these:

Brad got them for me from Girlie Pants--and how freaking awesome are they??

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