Monday, December 04, 2006

Baby Blanket Pics

I know, I know. I've been horribly lazy about posting lately. I could bore you all with my work craziness or the fact over the past two weeks, first I got the flu and then hubby did; or the Thanksgiving holiday. Suffice to say, stuff has been going on, but I haven't stopped making stuff. I'll have more pics to post soon. I just need to upload them already!!!

In any case, here is the infamous "final" baby blanket. I made this for my mom's boyfriend's niece (yeah, I know that sounds weird). And I am happy to report that she and her hubby loved it--though I think that the hubby is kind of funny because he thinks it's too nice to use!

Here's the skinny:
3 skeins of Bernat Cotton Tots in Little Boy Blue
3 skeins of Bernat Cotton Tots in Blue Berry
3 skeins of Bernat Cotton Tots in Sweet Cream

The pattern is really easy--just a huge granny square worked in 3 rows of each color 4 times. The final blanket was approximately 70 inches square. The trim is three rows of single crochet, one row in each color. I think it came out pretty snazzy. I love how perfect the huge granny square looks...though I don't recommend working on this blanket if you have to work it on the go. Transport gets cumbersome and unrulely after the first 18 rows...a regular granny square blanket will be easier...

Coming of my first knitted scarf, a birthday present for my BFF, and the ugly swatch blanket I made with a bunch of my knitted and crochet swatches (and I'm not kidding--this thing is ugly, but warm and I guess that is all the kitties care about).

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