Friday, August 25, 2006

Polka Dot Bag!

Yet another finished project...and probably one of my favs. I am a tote bag fiend--I constantly drag lots of stuff with me back and forth to work--and on weekends (they're perfect for toting unfinished crochet projects around with you). So I got to thinking--though I love my Trader Joe's tote bag, it is sort of blah in the fashion department. So of course I started thinking about making my own. I found this black canvas tote bag (unadorned) in Michael's for around $7 and then I got to making rounds in lots of different colors using (mostly) different shades of Lion Microspun. And the finished product? Stylish and functional! Perfect!


Tattooedjedi said...

I love this bag - it's super cute! It makes me want a wool hat with lots of polka dots on it! It's so much fun, and supercute!

Christine said...

SUPER CUTE! ;-) Meow!