Friday, August 11, 2006

I'm back!

Yes, it has been forever since I posted, and I apologize. I'm still surprised how many hits this blog has gotten (even though no one comments but Eve and my hubby) in spite of me not posting anything new lately. I was really busy for a while in spring and hadn't had a chance to take pictures of the projects I was working on, and then BAM! Our digital camera broke and that sucked big time. How am I supposed to post things to my craft blog if I can't take pictures of the things that I'm making? Doesn't really work so well. (Do not ever by the Canon Doubleshot! TWO of them have broken on us and their LCD screen sucks!)

Anyway, the really good news is that Hubby and I picked up a new camera last week (the Olympus Stylus--so far, so good--and the LCD screen has a plastic cover on it, and to top that, you can buy a nifty little case for it and take it underwater! How nuts is that??), and I have tons of things to photograph and post on here. Over the past few months I've managed to finish Brad's blanket, I'm 95% finished with a baby blanket for my friend's baby (due in September--I need to get to work!), made a necklace and bracelet for my mom-in-law's birthday, and made too many crochet flower pins to think about. I can't wait until it gets a little cooler out so I can start sporting them on my jackets! There are some other projects too, I just can't remember them all right now.

So keep your pants on people--new pictures of projects coming this weekend!

the krafty girl


Pat said...

Hello, how are you? Nice blog you have! Keep it up!

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Andrew said...

No one but you and your hubby? Then I guess I'll crash the party. Welcome back to blog-land :o)

To Love, Honor and Dismay

Christine said...

Thanks Pat & Andrew! Glad you're enjoying it! :-)

Eve said...

Hey! I notice that people will hit your blog searching for resources (which you provide), but won't really leave comments. But, you obviously do this for yourself anyhow. And you have me, too :-)

Christine said...

I noticed that too--if you google crochet flowers, my blog will eventually pop up. I love that you and Brad comment here (thank goodness you do) but it would be awesome to get feedback from other crafters. I just started commenting on other people's craft sites, which is really fun, and hopefully I'll get a bigger audience.