Thursday, March 02, 2006

I'm a krafty lady!

I decided to start a blog dedicated to the various crafts I work on (or krafts as I like to call them) because I spend so much of my free time working on them. Krafting is something I do because I love making things and working with my hands, and because it is very soothing and zen-like. In today's crazy, stress-filled world, it's nice to do something that doesn't put added stress in your life. To me, coming up with a project, gathering the supplies, facing obstacles and then problem-solving through them, is very satisfying. The name of this blog (and my website) was coined by my best friend Jenn--whenever I'd tell her about my latest krafty project, she'd start singing the Beastie Boys song "She's Crafty." Though that wasn't what the BB had in mind when they wrote the song, it sort of became my krafting moto :-)

I'm currently obsessed with crocheting, but I've enjoyed all sorts of kraft projects over the years: sewing, tiling, making boxes, collage, candle-making, soap-making & beauty products (like salves, scrubs, and perfume), and the list goes on and on.

The first thing I can remember making were clothes for my Barbie dolls (who were very far from normal looking Barbies with their marker dyed hair and punk rock make up, but that is a whole other story). I used scraps of fabric that a neighbor gave me (left over from her quilting projects)and first started draping, and then moved on to actually sewing them together. I think I was around 8 years old when I sewed my first Barbie outfit. I still remember it: a knee-length pleated skirt in grey with small white polka dots. I have always loved polka dots. I wish I still had it, but I have a picture of it in my head. I probably remember it better than it was, but still. I remember using hook-and-eye closures on it, so the skirt actually stayed on the doll! No safety pins! But I'm getting away from the topic.

This is a blog dedicated to all of my various kraft projects. I'll probably start out with some pictures of recent projects that I've already completed, and then move onto the ones I'm in the midst of. I'm looking forward to getting feedback from other krafty-minded people, and discussing all things krafty. I am in the middle of building my website,, where I will be selling some of my handcrafted and homemade products. Looking forward to hearing from everyone!


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