Saturday, March 11, 2006

Brad's Blanket

As I was making the blanket for my brother, the request for other blankets started rolling in--first on the list were my husband and my mom. Since Brad was always with me at the craft store, it was much easier to pick out yarn and decide what sort of pattern I wanted to work with. I was still getting the hang of attaching squares, and after spending so much time attaching all of the little squares for G's blanket, I decided that I never wanted to work with granny squares with just 4 rows ever again if it was humanly possible. With that in mind, I thought that doing 6 row squares would be a little less cumbersome, and a lot easier to get through. I also planned on attaching sqares together as I went, as opposed to waiting to put the whole thing together at once which is what I did with G's blanket. If I was going to work with six round squares, I thought it would be best to work in three colors instead of two like my last project. I selected one large skein of the Pound of Love yarn in mint green, and 6 skeins each of the Baby Soft yarn--in lavander, and in a really nice lavander/white/mint green multi. This is the pattern I came up with:

I've gotten approximately a third of the way through the blanket so far--but I've come to the conclusion that I need to work on other projects when working on blankets, otherwise I get a little bored and actually resent working on it. Hence, my current other projects, the bags with the crochet flowers and yoga mat bag flowers. Here's what it looks like so far:

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