Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Denise Circulars!

I got circulars for V-day!!! How cool is that? Not only did Hubby get me an uber-gorgeous pearl bracelet (pearls and sapphires are my absolute favorite) for V-day, he also got me the Denise circular needles I've been lusting after! Who is better than him? Nobody!

My very first project is of one that I cannot speak because it's a birthday present for a friend who I think occasionally checks this blog and I want it to be a total surprise. So as soon as I finish yet ANOTHER baby blanket (it's my own fault--talk about how many blankets you've made and then when your good coworker friend tells you his wife is preggers, you've already built up the hype), I'll get to work with my circulars.

The best thing about them? The wires are pink and a portion of the proceeds goes to fighting breast cancer. Okay that's two things, but they're both really cool!

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