Thursday, October 12, 2006

New Shadow Box...

I made a bridal shadow box for myself a while back, and ever since I did, my mom has been begging me to make one for her. The one I did for my hubby and I is very basic--a I dried the flowers from my bouquet and used some of those, some silk flowers (for the flowers that fell apart), fabric from my bridesmaid's shawls and bouquets (which I also made), and styrofoam, pretty paper, and our wedding invitation in the center, and viola! A pretty shadow box:

My mom wanted one that was similar, but one that also had her and her boyfriend's masks. For anyone who doesn't know, my hubby and I got married on Halloween, so we had a masquerade reception and asked people to dress up (elegantly of course). Everyone in our bridal party work fancy masks--us, the family, everyone. It looked awesome and was so much fun. We tried really hard to make sure that our Halloween-themed masqurade reception was fun, but not tacky and I think we suceeded. Anyway, I bought a ready-made shadow box for my mother, and glue gun in hand, went about inserting the things she wanted showcased. Her shadow box also has our wedding invitaion (with the fancy paper/styrofoam combo), but also has her masks, her corsage, and the place cards we made for the tables. Hubby and I loved the idea of having each table named for a particular horror movie, so instead of numbers, we had laminated mimi-movie posters and all the place cards had miniature movie picks to correspond to the table the guest was sitting at. My mom is terrified of The Exorcist, so of course we had to sit her at that table!

The interesting thing about the little castle place card holder in there...I actually had to chop the front and back of it off in order for it to fit. I like to think that you can't really tell that I sat the thing on my cutting board and hacked pieces of it off with a butcher knife and then sanded it down and painted it...but if you're really looking at it, I think you can tell. But honestly, who in their right mind is looking that closely at a place card holder???

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